Michael Stokes

President & CEO of Waveform Communication in Indianapolis, Indiana
Author of the Waveform Model of Vowel Perception and Production (2009) which has been proven and presented at peer reviewed conferences at over 99% accuracy. This complete understanding of vowels has led to the development of Elbow; an automatic speech recognition engine and acoustic analyzer of streaming speech. The successful use of the Waveform Model in an algorithm and the development of the Elbow application are leading to the first commercialized product for Waveform Communication. Cobweb is the automation of speech analysis to identify the impairment from a concussion.

Dan Fletcher

CEO of Cobweb Sports & Contact Trauma AnalyticTM
Dan is a proven C-Level marketing communications executive. Throughout his career, he has leveraged his thought leadership and business development skills to build successful agencies in the advertising, promotion and experiential sectors. And with Dan at the helm, his companies went on to support the launch and profitable growth of high profile brands for clients in highly competitive business categories.

John (Gibby) Gibson

Executive Advisor to Cobweb
With a successful track record of delivering a compelling blend of client relationship skills, C-level communication experience and strategic insight, “Gibby” is widely recognized in the business development areas of sports marketing, experiential marketing and corporate incentive program development.

Ellen Wongso and Binho Lin

Programmer/Analyst Interns for Elbow and Cobweb
They are extraordinary on many levels, and both graduated from Purdue University.